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We are supporting Emigrant with peace vibes


Full support for a happy life where you live in your favorite place

As work styles change and globalization progresses, inquiries about moving overseas are increasing. Even if you are interested in moving abroad, establishing a company, raising children, etc., don't you feel anxious and difficult to make decisions based only on online information?

From proposing countries that best suit your lifestyle, to visa applications, lifestyle support, and retirement planning, we will resolve any issues you may have between borders and establish a long-term support system so that you can travel with peace of mind.


Proven experts from around the world support your investment overseas migration program

Live and Work freely 
Wherever you want

Find the best place for your life.


Reasons to be trusted


Discover the perfect country

EmiGate prioritizes client satisfaction, so we have a system in place to provide support not only in Southeast Asia, but also in Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world. In Japanese, we will explain the characteristics and benefits of each country to suit your business, culture, hobbies, children's education, etc., and make suggestions that are best suited to your lifestyle.

Consider a plan you won't regret with a professional in each country.


Our Strengths


Global Network

Visa information is frequently updated several times a year for each country, so it is difficult to always have accurate and up-to-date information. At Emigate, our offices around the world have the latest information, so we can provide comparative support based on your conditions. We can also guide you to Europe and Africa, where there is little information in Japan.



Since we are affiliated with lawyers, tax accountants, administrative scriveners, and immigration consultants from all over the world, we can provide you with local professional information for everything from daily life information to legal and tax consultations. If you feel that we are not a good match, we will connect you with a new person without the hassle of searching.



We believe that by sharing the same hobbies and values, we can create a future filled with smiles in both our private and business lives. We provide high-quality parties for investors and business owners who have respect for nature and animals to enjoy the culture of each region through food and wine.


Life Planning

Because this is a time of major life decisions, we understand our customers from the planning stage and provide ongoing consultation on matters such as changes in their home, business, and preparations for retirement. Because we have prioritized the wishes of immigrants since our founding, we have a support system that only we can provide.

Suitable conditions for Nomad visa

If four or more of these apply to you, you may be eligible to emigrate overseas.

¥5M+ Saving

¥10M+ Propit

¥300k+ Remote income


Well diversified

Move with family

Occupations that are often relocated











Why you should Emigrate?



Diversity can be learned in a top-quality educational environment where students dive into a changing environment and respect individuality.

Tax saving


If you move to a country with preferential tax treatment, you may be able to lower your income tax or corporate tax, or you may not have to pay inheritance tax.



Only by taking a step forward can you gain global connections and useful information that are limited only in your home country.

Well being


For individuals and families alike, a stress-free environment surrounded by nature and cutting-edge technology will enrich your life.


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October 5, 2021

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October 5, 2021

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October 5, 2021

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