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Why EmiGate is the best choice

Global Network

Your time is our top priority

We were founded with the desire to give our customers, who are busy with their daily tasks, some time to relax in their daily lives. I believe that the reason why people who are interested in immigrating, such as finding it time-consuming to research online or feeling uncomfortable about being introduced by acquaintances, is put off is because information and personal connections across borders are not fully connected. Therefore, by collaborating with lawyers, tax accountants, migration consultants, etc. around the world, we gather information from all over the world as a general migration legal consultation center, and aim to become a place where customers can consult with peace of mind. .

In the future, we will enhance global networking events where immigrants such as business owners and nomad workers gather, and create a support system that allows them to continue enjoying their time even after they have moved.

All information in one place

Optimal proposals based on the latest information from around the world

We act on your behalf to apply for investor visas, entrepreneur visas, citizenship programs, etc. In order to make choices without regrets, it is important to have as much information as possible. Our strength is in gathering information from all over the world, not just from regional areas such as Asia or Europe. We will make proposals that meet your needs according to your budget, environment, and purpose.


Real Estates for invest


Introduction to overseas real estate and business transfer

Investment and establishment of a corporation are the most effective ways to obtain overseas residence rights through financial strength. In particular, contracts in foreign countries often lead to problems due to differences in business customs. When investing, we understand the importance of finding not only good yields but also reliable projects. In addition to overseas real estate investment in major countries, you can also consider investments with long-term growth prospects such as in Africa.

Matching to Immigration Experts

We respond to all inquiries regarding legal matters, taxes, living environment, etc.

We understand that paperwork can be very complicated, from visa applications to real estate contracts and company formation. We partner with experienced professionals with local knowledge to help you with the hassle-free process. We can help you with a wide range of issues, from initial property searches to business start-up paperwork and licenses. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we can connect you to another person to help you make a stress-free decision.


Limited networking party


Invitation to a limited invitation-only event where top-class people gather

We invite our users to events where interested parties from all over the world gather. Opportunities to network with people who have a proven track record, mainly investors and managers, will promote a creative life. Please dress up and join us with your family.

Services provided

We will support you for the rest of your life.

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