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An immigration/advancement comparison site that spreads through word of mouth, visited by high-income earners with an annual income of 20 million or more from all over the world.

Trust changes depending on whether there is a list or not

By creating profiles of professionals who are active across borders around the world, appropriately matching them with high-income customers, and creating a place of trust, you can scale your business globally and lead a refreshing life. We are here to give you style suggestions.

Advantages of registering on the waitlist

Appropriateness of experts who can be registered


The number of inquiries is currently increasing. Are you prepared to handle the ever-increasing number of cases? By raising funds and adding global management partners to our team, we will gain recognition around the world that would be impossible on an individual scale. Let's create a stress-free society together!


What we value is forming a team with the same values. We prioritize user satisfaction and sincerely hope for warm interactions that will encourage them to come back for advice. We aim to create a relationship that makes everyone happy, including our company, experts, and immigrants.


It is the only comprehensive platform that brings together internationally skilled experts from around the world. Therefore, communication in multiple languages at a native level will inevitably occur.

One special condition is that native English-speaking professionals who can cover multiple languages per office can register.


We aim to provide a service that users can feel comfortable introducing to their acquaintances. In other words, professionals with practical experience and international experts who are confident that they have built good relationships with customers in the past can register. High reviews definitely help build your professional brand.

  • I received a bad review even though I was just thinking about the customer and telling the truth.
    There is a removable option with hearing and feedback. Please contact us via email first.
  • What should I do if I can no longer handle the project?
    It is possible to temporarily suspend new projects.
  • Is it legal under the Attorney Law?
    The tools under development are undergoing legal checks in each region, and we plan to launch them once we have confirmed that they are legal and comply with laws and regulations, bar association regulations, etc. Our current support for attracting customers is completely free.

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・All communications will be made via email.


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