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Message from the President

Not bound by national borders,
Promote a society where people can live freely

Life is a Journey, Do what you Love.

Founder CEO of RECLAP

Mr.Chill / Keisuke Inagaki

During his childhood, he transferred schools five times, to Singapore, England, and Japan. Having traveled extensively in Europe, Oceania, North America, and Southeast Asia, he became interested in the cultural differences in each country's food, lifestyle, and ways of thinking. Sensing the respect and high level of technique for Japanese food from overseas, he started a gyudon restaurant in Australia at the age of 21 while taking a leave of absence from university. After that, he learned about Australia's unique health-oriented culture and cuisine at a local cafe, opened a mobile coffee stand to spread the word in Japan, and founded a company to make free lifestyle choices more accessible through moving overseas. .


Thoughts put into EmiGate

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has arrived at this page.

At EmiGate, we started our business with the desire to provide customers who are interested in moving overseas with the option to make the most of their hobbies, work, and family time by supporting them from the stage of choosing a country. Having lived in four overseas countries, I realized that, for better or worse, your life changes depending on the country and environment you live in. To be honest, Japan has a unique language and is a closed island country, so there are restrictions on the information that can be obtained, and it is easy to be controlled. Although I attended a Japanese school overseas, I entered Japanese education in junior high school and experienced frequent bullying due to our different ways of thinking and values. What struck me was that there was an educational environment that killed identity and had correct answers. why? Before I questioned myself, I felt that what the teacher said was correct, my senior in the club was correct, and the leader of the group or someone with good grades was correct. Changing this culture requires not only the power of schools, but also the education of children's parents, laws, and organizational reform, which is extremely complex, so once I have confident children, I definitely want them to be exposed to overseas education. I am. Furthermore, in addition to education, there are jobs in the United States such as sushi chefs and ramen chefs with an annual income of 10 million yen, so by expanding your horizons, there are a variety of options that can increase your happiness in life. It seems that Japanese people have been going overseas to work since the days when foreigners came to Japan to work, partly because of the economic impact, but the humanity of Japanese people who carefully handle detailed work can be seen as an asset. Masu. That's why we will become a comprehensive place that accurately conveys information between borders so that you don't miss out on opportunities because you can't find information, and more people will be able to walk into a future filled with smiles, from network support to retirement consultation. I started this business with this in mind.

I'm a traveler who loves freedom, so I'm looking forward to making more friends around the world with whom I can have a toast while having creative conversations! The only way to increase your happiness is by taking action!

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